sweater weather

Yay! It's finally cold enough to comfortably wear a woolly sweater and flannel shirt! To celebrate sweater weather, I wrapped up the finishing touches on my fringe and friends improvised top-down kal sweater. So pleased and truthfully, surprised at how well this turned out, considering that it has been quite awhile since I made anything with sleeves. Here's a visual rundown of the process:

dreaming and planning


suspenseful knitting

randomly adding another design element

the part that gave me a migraine

sleeve island

plotting woolly tattoos (hmmm flowers, unicorns, donuts...finally settled for trees)

happy sweater dance!


  1. OMGosh, it's so amazing how you designed that! So these trees must be intarsia then? Sorry I haven't mailed the book out to you yet. Gonna try soon.

    1. I used duplicate stitch (Swiss darning) for the trees. It's one of my favorite techniques.

  2. I will guess that you double stitched those trees. They are awesome! Congratulations on a beautiful sweater. I felt too shy trying out this challenge, I thought I could never pull it off. Well done !

  3. Love love love it! The tree detail is so pretty and unique <3

  4. Oh wow! That is beautiful. Love your trees. So unique!!

  5. So cool!!!! I love how it turned out, the split hem looks great, and the tree details- so gorgeous!!

  6. Such a cozy time of year!

  7. truly a work of art.....you did it again. made something ELSE I need to put on my to-do list!!!

  8. This sweater is so so gorgeous! The colors, the fit, the fair isle everything is just perfect!

  9. I love the splits in the hem of your sweater, so unique for a hand knit piece! Congrats on finishing your sweater!

  10. I just love your process for designing and knitting. You are so organized! I am so sloppy.


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