last days of summer

We have been soaking up every last bit of summer these past few weeks. Next Monday is the little guy's first day of middle school, so in between....

visits to the beach

bike rides on the island trail

and local camping trips

....there has been some behind the scenes preparations for what looks to be a fun school year. I love back to school season and all of the excitement that it brings. New beginnings & possibilities. Also, to be honest, a little anxiety. And, thank goodness, always a little mindless knitting  to help with that last bit.

Notice the cute project bag? It's the Rosemary Bag from Della Q and since receiving it to try out, it's accompanied me on all of our end of summer adventures. I love the smooth lightweight fabric, the cute dumpling shape and the just right length of the handles. It even has a handy outer pocket and is the perfect size for my current favorite on-the-go project, socks. I also started a Cancun lacy box top with some sparkly rayon yarn in the stash which matches the pretty colors of the bag. Love when that happens :) The top was an impulsive cast-on but I am really enjoying the simple lace stitches. It will probably be put on hold until next summer though, because with back to school season comes the alluring call of wool. Right now there is an improvised top-down sweater knitalong happening over at Fringe Association which you can follow on Instagram using the hashtag #fringeandfriendskal2016. Lots and lots of lovely ideas and projects. Here's how mine is shaping up so far:

I hope that you are all finding time to enjoy these last few weeks of summer. Hugs go out to those of you who are saying goodbye to your first-time-away-from-home college kids. I can't even imagine! I know that I will be wiping away some tears on Monday and it's just middle school!


  1. Cute! What a lovely holiday you had. I like your new top-down and can't wait to see the modifications you choose to shape it as your style.

  2. This looks like the perfect way to spend the last days of summer! I'm also entering the last days before I have to start work and teaching again. I love how that sweater is coming along, so pretty!

  3. What a great way to wind down on those last summer days. Love your new bag!!

  4. I hope you are savor and have the best end of summer days. Wishing your family a good and easy transition into Middle School. It went better than expected for us, I wish everyone to be so lucky. I love that Bowie shirt, knitting in action photo! But all your knitting looks great as usual. :)

  5. End of summer for me means slow times at work, and that we're that much closer to our baby being born. I can't wait, I'm so excited :D I've got so much knitted for him and so much more to knit still lol. I love how colorful the socks you knit are. I have so much sock yarn that's just waiting to be turned into socks.

  6. So happy to see you making the most of the last bit of summer, those photos are just drenched in sunshine, it's lovely. And your KAL sweater is looking really good!

  7. Middle school, sigh! They grow up so quick. Such a smashing sweater and that project bag is just adorable :)


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