knitting slowly

This time of year is always so crazy busy. My little guy is finishing up fifth grade and we are busy with field trips, final projects, assemblies and transitioning to middle school. Can't believe how fast the years are flying by. Lately, I've been trying to pause and catch my breath. Also, treasuring this special time in our lives before the complicated teenage years swallow us up ;)

One of the final assignments that we've been looking forward to is Market Day. Now, truthfully, my son is more of the outdoorsy active type, so having the opportunity to craft together is quite a treat for me. We decided on something simple and which used up materials that I already had on hand: assorted colors of embroidery threads, miniature wooden dowels, plastic beads & elastic cord. After a little brainstorming, we came up with Camp Necklaces. I remember making God's Eyes when I was his age during summer camps so it was fun teaching him how to wrap the threads around the sticks.

SpunRightRound colorway Levitate

There has also been some (very slow) knitting happening. I finished my Spring vanilla socks (pictures & post coming soon) and started on a couple of new socks. The first one is a sweet pattern called Wildflowers & Honeycomb. Really enjoying this pattern and yarn combination.

Also decided to play around with designing a pair of summer socks with a new-to-me yarn from Kraemer Yarns called Saucon Sock. It's a neat blend of cotton/acrylic/nylon. Here's a close up of the stitch pattern that I am using:

Can't wait for things to slow down a bit so that I can get my knitting groove back. I'm also very behind on my blog reading/visiting. Hoping to get caught up on that soon too. Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Your new socks look great! Glad to hear about the Saucon Sock yarn - I've been wanting to knit socks for a friend who is allergic to wool, so this sounds like the perfect remedy.

  2. Love the sock design. It almost looks like a stripe from far away. Good luck with summer! I hate to be cliched, but it will be high school graduation before you know it!

  3. Doesn't it drive you crazy when school events are like dominos near the end of the year? Last evening the husband and I attended a parent orientation for our incoming 7th graders. My baby's going to be a 7th grader - ack! How time flies. I can't believe your son is a fifth grader and it's so cute how he likes to craft w/his mum.

  4. I'll take a piece of that slow down pie thank you very much! I love that wildflowers and honeycomb sock pattern. I just went to favorite it. Socks are great, they'll get you through just about anything.

  5. Ah, I feel we are all sharing in the desire for things to slow down.
    Socks are a brilliant way to squeeze in a little knitting during hectic times.

  6. those little camp necklaces are so lovely! What a fun craft to do together. And hat sock looks wonderful- love the cobalt blue of the Saucon yourchose.

  7. Such colorful and fun knits!!


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