coming up roses

Some random things that are making me smile:

L'Arbre. The stitch pattern was so much fun to knit and is a lot easier than it looks. I've decided to indulge in new-to-me yarn for each of the hats in the fringe hatalong. This pretty rose colorway is one of my favorite colors and the softness of the Malabrigo Twist did not disappoint.

Hitofude. It's funny how the sight of two sleeves can suddenly make a drawn out project interesting. It only took me a little less than a year to get to this point but now I can finally see the finish line. Boy, once you get past the scarf-like beginnings this knit turns into a fun but still easy ride. Too bad that it's a little snug. Nothing a little heavy blocking can't fix (hopefully, fingers crossed!)

Impulse Shawl. I rarely knit a pattern more than once, but when I saw this yarn (Spun Right Round SW Sock graffiti colorway ... click on that link at your own risk) on the Woollen Wilderness blog, there was no doubt that it was going to be another slipped stitch shawl. This is my mindless summer travel project since I am in no rush to get it done. Just savoring all the beautiful colors of the yarn.

Flowers and Herbs. I planted a whole bunch of flowers (mainly marigolds for dyeing) and herbs. It has been very peaceful to sit in the garden with a cup of tea and my knitting. The strawberries are so plentiful right now that we have been treating ourselves to a bowlful of strawberries and ice cream topped with whipped cream almost every night this week. Love this time of year in the garden.

A New Toy. More on this later.

What are some of the things making you happy lately?


  1. WOW! Look at all this color!!! (My Banana scarf was sort of deceiving.....yes, I cast it on and knit a few rows, but I'm mainly trying to finish an afghan----in (you guessed it!!!) grey! I'm ready for some COLOR in my life!!! (temporarily, anyway!) A joy to see all this color here!

  2. I'm loving all that color! That hat is such a perfect pink :) I like the peek into your garden-I just got my rose bushes planted, and hopefully they'll settle in okay.

  3. I like that new toy and wanna know more. I love how you're growing your own strawberries and how they're flourishing so well that you have a bowlful! What's making me happy? A newly graduated daughter, surprise recognition of my presidency at the ceremony, and that we're almost done packing.

  4. I love the hat, and that rose colored yarn--glorious. I have the Hitofude in my queue, so it is nice to see you making yours.

  5. Finally finishing done baby things and being able to cast in a shawl!!! Too bad the shawl isn't for me. But it will be my turn in June!!

  6. Woops, sorry for that enabling, but I still think that the Graffiti colourway is just the best thing ever! I really love the colour you are using for your hitofude cardigan.

  7. Oh fun fun! Lovely knits. That shawl pattern is perfect for fun variegated yarns! I will have to note it. Your summer looks lovely and bright. Things that are making me happy... Knitting for one. Summertime skirts and I've started decluttering a little. I have stacks and folders of things from my son's elementary and pre school days that I couldn't part with. I started going through what I really wanted and what I didn't. I refuse to say the word scrapbooking, because I am not making fancy pages, but basically sticking things on pages to be assembled later into a memory book. Just a few pages at a time. But it feels good and all the materials are where they are supposed to be, consolidated, one place in space.


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