Have you been following along with the Yarn Harlot's holiday posts this season? I read with interest how she organized all of her holiday gifting, making, decorating, etc. on a color-coded spreadsheet. How awesome is that? So unlike my wacky method, which is to procrastinate until one week before the big day and then cram all of my shopping and gift wrapping into a couple of days. Although the one advantage to my method is that after those few {intense, stressful, hectic} days are over, I get to relax and savor the fun holiday stuff like baking, decorating, holiday movie watching and of course, knitting. I kept the gift knitting list short and sweet this year, with an emphasis on using yarn from the stash.

❄ A couple of cowls:

For these cowls, I decided to shorten my Candy Ribbon design. These were much quicker to knit than the original longer version.

❄ A trio of Rudolph Hats, two of which you've already seen. I saved my most favorite version for last:

Pop Rudolph!

Now all that's left is a pair of mittens and maybe a few fun ornaments if there's time. But first, some hot cocoa and tree gazing is in order. Look closely and you'll see the sweet surprise that arrived in the post. Thanks Steph! Little Mousie has already made himself quite at home!


  1. he looks so happy!!! (I made myself one, too, and mine is still in the junk dish on my desk....upside down. He was NOT happy seeing his buddy has made himself a fine home. I'll have to do something about that tomorrow!)
    Love those noses!!! Too cute!

  2. I thought that Rudolph hat couldn't possibly get any cuter, but you've really outdone yourself! And a spreadsheet for gift knitting is something I know I'll never achieve in my life. But a girl can dream :)

  3. Your cowls are subtle and striking, the ideal complement to your charming caps and lovely well-knit holiday. Perfect!

  4. I think that's my favorite one of the bunch! 😁

  5. OMGOSH! I LOVE these projects. Waiting for more 411 on those awesome cowls. And is there a link to the Rudolph pattern?


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