welcome september

Whew, finally there's a quiet moment to catch up on things! So many highs and lows in the past week and a half. We celebrated the little guy's birthday, aced the first week of school, enjoyed a visit from grandma L. (my MIL), and said a teary farewell to my parents. They are heading back to Vietnam for a few years. But looking on the bright side, I am planning on visiting them next March and already counting down the months until then. Still, it will be a big adjustment for us not to be able to see and talk to them everyday. And I also will dearly miss my mom's cooking. She taught me how to make her pho noodle soup and some other favorite recipes before she left and I took copious notes of all her secrets. Just looking at these recipes is a comfort. As is knitting, reading etc.

Finally dug out my neglected Uniform cardigan and seamed up the sleeves. But now I am undecided as to what neckband to knit. Should I go with the casual/relaxed simple band or the dressier shaped band? 

Also had plans to join the leethal adventure knit-a-long, but only made it through the first section before ripping it out. I have decided that mystery KAL's are not my cup of tea, at least for right now. Not knowing where my knitting efforts were heading was more stressful than enjoyable, plus I kept cheating ;)

On the reading front, I am re-visiting the Outlander books while devouring the first few episodes of the television series. It has been so fun to see the characters and story come to life on the screen. Also loving the period costumes and settings. I started a Pinterest board for the handknits popping up here and there in the episodes so far. There are already a few patterns on ravelry to recreate some of these...Claire's chunky garter stitch cowl (here and here), her rustic shrug, and mitts


  1. so glad you all had a good start to the new school year (and a happy birthday thrown in, too); sounds like you've found a silver lining in the separation from your parents.....the trip will be fabulous, and the anticipation of it will make it even more special.
    the cardi....not the my vote counts, but I like the simple band (probably because this looks an awful lot like the Funky Grandpa cardi I'm knitting---and loving); either I think will end up getting worn a LOT!

  2. I totally hear you on mystery KALs... I love watching them unfold, but rarely enjoy participating.

  3. Sorry to hear you will be missing your mom and dad. I take mine for granted too much. At 83 and 78 they need to know I cherish them more than I tell them. Thanks for the reminder. Still loving the hat and ornaments you sent for the fundraiser, they are adorable!! Thanks again.

  4. That is a calming and happy color for your cardigan. I understand your bond with your parents although I don't talk to them every day. It's great you'll get to visit them in a couple of months. Glad your son had a great first week of school. Your tee design looks very interesting. What does it mean?

    1. It's a stamped library check out card. The ladies at my local library got a kick out of it.


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