a knit for every mood

The last few weeks have been pretty difficult schedule-wise and health-wise. The February Blahs get to me every single year. But thankfully things are looking up and will be back to so-called normal soon. I am just grateful that we only had one (!) snow day so far this week. Crazy winter weather! But looking on the bright side, there has been quite an accumulation of new knits that I can show you.

First, we have Siri. The beautiful and unusual yoke design was what initially drew me in. It is all achieved with crossed stitches which is perfect for when I am in need of an intricate and interesting knit. The motif brings to mind bare winter trees, especially when combined with the brown fishermen's wool. A great knit for cold dark rainy days like today.

Next up is a soft and super bulky ribbed cowl. Mindless and fast. This one should be off the needles and gifted soon.

Loving the winter neutrals like brown and grey right now, but sometimes a little color is needed to brighten up the string of dark days. That is when I dig out my on-going Pine Bough. Still mindless but with just the right amount of subtle colorplay.

For something a little bit more cheerful, there's a second pair of camp out mitts on the needles using the rest of the Noro Kureyon yarn from the first pair. Beautiful pinks and blues have me looking forward to sunnier summer weather, although as you can see in the picture, the color forecast ahead looks dark and grim. Oh the infuriating randomness of Noro!

Lastly, I have been experimenting with garter jacquard. Here's a fun heart pattern found in Mary Jane Mucklestone's 200 Fair Isle Motifs directory. Not sure where this one is headed, but the combination of the bright snowy white and robins egg blue always manages to lift up my spirits. 

And so there you have it. A knit for every winter's mood. Good thing there's only ten days left in February because the WIP basket is now filled up :) Hope that you all are well and Happy belated Valentine's Day! Please check back on Friday for a little Valentine's present. It is a free pattern that I was hoping to post on Valentine's Day but couldn't manage to string together in time. As I'm sure husbands the world over were thinking on that day, "Better late than never!"


  1. I love all your projects! Can't wait to see Siri.

  2. Everything looks great. Siri just jumped onto my queue. Thanks for that Tien! I've missed seeing your updates. The garter jacquard is amazing. This is the year I tackle colorwork and my fear of it. Or famous last words...

  3. oh my goodness....are you ever juggling a bunch of things------all beautiful!!!! I'd go nutso trying to figure out which to give my love to!! (i'm particularly taken with siri!!!!)

  4. You have lovely projects on the needles. I like the variety and how you go for interesting stitch patterns. The heart one makes me smile. The colorwork is terrific.

  5. All so beautiful! Just looking at them lifted my winter blues!

  6. I love the variety of your knits. I wish I could think of any colourwork as "mindless" ; )
    Hope your days are looking brighter!

  7. We are having the weird weather aren't we this year. Storms hitting us here soon. I was planning to head north, but may wait until the danger has passed. And why am I heading into 40 degree weather when locally it will be 50 degrees?? I have too many want to starts and still too many need to finish in the stack. Hoping for resolve to stay the course.

  8. Can I work on all your projects ... please??!!!


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