knit.where outfit #13

Target belt & bird shirt, Banana Republic shorts, Old Navy flip-flops

Can you find the "knit" in my knit.where outfit? Here's a hint:

Cabled flip-flops...because I don't want summer to end just yet. But autumn is closing in, along with dreams of comfy cabled sweaters.

These were fun to make. And inexpensive. The flip-flops were 2 pairs for $3.00. It is amazing what a little bit of yarn can do!

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  1. ooh wow - I love this, can you put up a tutorial for these? I need cabled flipflops too!! Have a creative weekend xx

  2. Those are so cute! I love them:)

  3. So cute!! And I knew that was the Target shirt. I keep looking at it, but figure I am too old at 52 for a bird shirt. LOL! Love the flippers!

    1. You could totally rock a bird shirt, Chris!

  4. Awesome flip flops!

    Here's my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminada-alicia/

  5. Aw, those are so cute. My first thought was, 'those don't look like any old navy flip flops I ever saw'. Then 'where's the knitting?' Nice surprise! And a great idea too.

  6. Anonymous8/31/2013

    Ah, cabled zori. Need some for my feet too!

  7. these are THE BEST!!!!! very cute! (a while ago---when the froo-froo yarn was so popular, I know there were flipflops sporting the hairy look that I never could quite 'get'......THESE I totally get!!!)

  8. What a fun embellishment. This is a great gift idea for my friends that live in hot weather locales. Thanks for sharing!


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