secret knitting spot

Wanna see my new favorite knitting spot? First we will have to take a short bicycle ride to the end of the island. Past some wetlands...

there is a hidden trail...

that leads to a little secluded beach...

Please take a seat...

 Unpack some sparkly, colorful yarn...

Blue Heron rayon metallic

Relax and knit awhile on a shiny new project...

Wave by Kristen Finlay

Too soon, it's time to pack up and leave...

Hope the weather in your neck of the woods is just as beautiful. Next Tuesday is the little guy's last day of school, so this blissful peace and solitude will not last long. We are gearing up for a busy summer full of swimming, bicycling, going to the beach and other outdoor mayhem. Hopefully there will also be some knitting thrown in there somewhere. Otherwise, I will be one tired and grumpy mama.

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  1. What a beautiful and serene looking spot. I'd like to knit in a place like that! Enjoy the peace while it lasts! I volunteered at a summer camp last year. OMG. I was worn out by Labor day :-|

  2. Perfect! Great photos of a lovely knitting spot.

  3. Oh, what a wonderful place to live ... so envious!

    1. Feel free to drive down from Baltimore and visit! We can spend the whole day knitting on the beach :)

  4. Oh, Tien!!! This is beautiful!!! (and Blue Heron yarn---don't you adore??!) We're heading to the beach next week----13 of us....7 kids under 10....somehow, I don't think my stay there will be quite so serene!!! Envy you being so close!!!

  5. Beautiful post--I felt like I was on vacation.


  6. That's awesome! Thank you for sharing :)

  7. Love how getting to your secret knitting spot is just as lovely as the spot itself!

  8. Looks lovely! But I just can't take my knitting on a beach with sand!!! I am so icky with sand and dirt.

  9. Oh my, it looks like some secret getaway spot fit for a movie! I hope you get a chance to relax there this summer. Looks like the perfect spot for your son to build sand castles!


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