stacked necklace & knit.where outfit #7

It has been hot & muggy here, with temps in the nineties. Farewell Spring, hello Summer! With the arrival of warmer weather, my knit.where outfit posts might be less frequent since there are less than a handful of knits in my closet appropriate for summertime. With this in mind, I have set myself a goal of knitting lighter weight items that can be worn from now until the weather cools off in September. That is why coming across the Stacked Necklace pattern in Lynn Barr's The Shape of Knitting book was exciting not only for the chance to learn new techniques but also to explore the interesting area of knitted jewelry, which is perfect for wearing year-round.

stacked necklace, banana republic tank, re-rock jeans

I can't recommend this pattern highly enough. It was fast (only took half a day to make), interesting (I learned three new-to-me techniques), and used up stash yarn (Paton's Classic Wool). Best of all, the possibility of re-interpreting this pattern with different types of yarn (linen, hemp, variegated yarns like Noro) is pretty cool. There might also be a way to play around with beads and embroidery...the sky's the limit! Please let me know if you come across any interesting knitted jewelry patterns. Also, I would love to see any jewelry items that you have made in the past...just leave a link in the comments :)


  1. I would never have guess a necklace. Cute! And love the color.

  2. I love the bright green with the purple. What a great accessory!

  3. I love your new necklace and really am so amazed at how designers think up jewelry projects. For my recent craft fair experience, I focused on necklaces and bracelets which was fun but I'll admit that I'm more a garment knitter. I like big projects! ; )

  4. Super cute necklace! I've never knitted jewelry before. unless braided friendship bracelets count :)

  5. That's a really fun necklace, I like it!


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