Big Head, Little Hats

Why is a finished hat in a WIP post, you might ask? Well, every holiday I try to knit the little guy a new hat for the winter season. This year I chose the Simple Slouchy Hat for its simplicity and short time requirement. It is a great pattern, but I failed to take into account that little noggins grow into big ones before you know it. So it's back to the knitting needles for this one. Although I am thinking of keeping it for myself and just picking a totally new pattern for the little guy.  I ran out of the grey Ultra Alpaca but that ended up being a good thing...I kind of like the color block trend that's happening now.

Also on the needles are more snowball buddies.  They are my new knitting obsession! I have made three so far and these little hats are the start of two more. Hopefully I can get them finished before Christmas. Can't wait to show you how they came out. They might be my most favorite knit creations ever :)

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  1. I love the slouchy hat, it looks great, I'd keep it! And Snowball buddies are adorable, must not get obsessed, must not start new project!

  2. Love the hat. Wish I had chosen an easy pattern to do instead of the cabled one I did. But it's done and pretty, so it's all good. Those buddies are just too cute!

  3. Hat looks good! I like the colour block effect, too.

  4. OOOO. I love the slouchy hat! I definitely think you should keep it. It suits you.

  5. I can't wait to see how the snowball buddies turn out. I think you should keep the hat!


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