November ♥

♥ The changing moods of a typical November day here in Maryland. One minute grey and stormy, the next sunny and clear blue.
♥ Wearing boots and taking a long walk in the rain. Had the trails all to myself yesterday. Thinking about knitting warm wooly socks to wear with my rain boots.
♥ Speaking of woolen footwear, I dug out a pair of slipper socks that my little sister had gifted me with last Christmas. I had forgotten about these. So warm and cozy, even if the label says that they are mainly acrylic with a touch of wool. Makes me want to knit a pair out of 100 percent wool. Maybe this pattern or this.
♥ Rereading the book that motivated me to relearn to knit all those years ago. The images and words really speak to me on so many levels. My favorite is this one with all its everyday knitterly details: the tied shawl, the wooden buckets with their knitted straps, the girl's work in progress in her hands. I love the shawl that she is wearing and spent quite a bit of time last night looking on ravelry for something similar. I am leaning towards this one or this. Or designing my own? There are some wonderful examples in the book.
♥ Simple and fun colorwork. Almost done with the first mitt. I have plans to make a few more pairs as Christmas gifts, but we'll see. Trying to take it easy this holiday and not get stressed out. Gift cards for everyone? We'll see ;)

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  1. Your mitt is beautiful! I love the colors.

  2. I like both of those shawls....I've never done one that ties like that (faroese???) Love the mitts.....great colors!

  3. I loved your post ... so thought-provoking. As for your mitts-in-progress, I'm in love!

  4. Love the photos! The mitts will so pretty and useful when done.

  5. Cool photos! I love your colorwork mitts, too!

  6. I love the pink in your mitts. I think mittens should always make you happy. Thank you for using all the hearts when you talk about November. It's my birthday month and it's always made me sad that November is no one's favourite month ; )

  7. Wow, I'm in love with the slipper socks! It makes me want to make my own pair.


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