Knitter's Amnesia

The Scene: A knitter is in the process of grafting the sleeves of her almost completed sweater. The air is thick with tension.

The Knitter: (mumbling under her breath) knit off, knit on....or no, is it purl off, knit on?!? Sh*t! 

The Kid: Mommy! You shouldn't swear at your knitting. 

The Knitter: (looking guilty) You must have heard me wrong. I said knit, not sh*t! 

The Kid: See! You said it again! Now I get to wash your mouth out with soap! 

The Knitter: D*mn. 

And so presenting the first in a series of Knitter's Amnesia Coffee Mugs: 

Guaranteed to get me through the Kitchener well caffeinated and without a speck of soap in my mouth. 

(linking up with the talented folks participating in WIP Wednesday over at Tami's blog)


  1. Haha. I love the colors on your needles right now.

  2. Ha! I *still* have to watch the beginning of a kitchener video on youtube every. single. time. I need to graft something. The mug is an excellent idea, and much better than tattooing it on your forearm. :)

  3. I'm with Paula, and I still watch the start of a video each time I graft! I also tend to curse at my knitting, it cracks my husband up.

  4. Hysterical!!!! I've only grafted one item so far and it is only God who stopped me from having a total meltdown! LOLOL!!! I totally understand your angst, but I'm sure you got it right!

  5. What a great post, you really made me smile. Love the mugs. My husband ignores me now when I'm working on a project as he's fed up of thinking I'm talking to him when I'm usually talking to the yarn.
    Ali x

  6. LOL. Love it! How my kids don't say "crap" yet, I'll never know.
    Can't wait to see the finished sweater!

  7. Well, if it's any consolation, your sleeve is looking amazing!!! Love this post ... and I could use a few of those mugs! ; )

  8. Is that Kitchener on a sweater sleeve? Wow ... didn't know you could do that!

  9. great mug!!!!! after knitting two drawers-full of socks over the years, I think I sort of have a version of kitchener down pat; i have a weird start according to some knitting friends, but the results work for me!! and I'm an old dog, and you're not going to teach me a new trick!!!
    you DO have the best hexipuffs!!!

  10. This is the best way I've seen to remember kitchener!


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