26 Candles

How I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday:

♥ Went a little wild at the craft store and set out to buy one skein for every candle on my birthday cake. So that would make me umm...26 years old.
♥ Spent waaay too much time on ravelry looking at possible contenders for a crochet blanket project in order to use up most of the above yarns. So many choices!
♥ Ate 4 slices of yummy cake.

♥ Finished knitting the Miranda Hat, which I modified slightly to be more of a slouchy style hat. This one will be donated to charity. Such a fun easy knit and the resulting hat is warm and comfy. I really want to make another one for myself.

 ♥ Took a moment to appreciate the beauty of a vase full of roses and to be grateful for all the little bits of happiness sprinkled throughout this past year. 

(Heidi was the first novel that I ever read on my own and remains one of my favorites. It felt like the right moment to reread it, now that I'm umm...26 ;) Linking up with FO Friday over at Tami's blog)


  1. The yarn is yummy! Hmm, maybe I need to buy one skein for every candle on my cake next year, 52 sounds like a wonderful number. LOL! The hat turned out great! You do need one for yourself.

  2. I definitely know Heidi. I've read it about 100 times. :-) In fact I just thought about it last week.
    Your had is lovely!

  3. Oh, late but from the bottom of my heart: Happy Birthday!
    Umm... I'll have two skeins more on my birthday this year LOL
    I like the double stitching on your hat- it's so cool!

  4. Beautiful looking 26 year old!!! :P Glad you had a wonderful day! And I'm so jealous of your birthday treat!

    1. p.s. I read Heidi a katrillion times and the follow-up books to the series!!!

  5. Haha oh my gosh! Too funny about the yarn. Happy birthday !

  6. I love your Miranda hat with it's two rebel squares :) One skein per candle sounds like a plan - especially at my age !!

  7. Happy, happy birthday! I like the idea of buying a skein for each candle on your birthday cake ... if I were to do that for my next birthday, I'll be picking up 50 skeins (woot woot)! I love how minding my own stitches called your mod on the Miranda Hat "rebel squares." Right on! <3

  8. Anonymous10/12/2012

    Happy Birthday! I totally love your present to yourself- that's something I have to consider ;)

  9. Wow! That will be an awesome blanket! Happy belated birthday.

  10. Love that hat, especially with your slouchy modification!

  11. Happy birthday! I think you got yourself and excellent b-day present!


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