My mom and I had a fantastic time in NYC! We are already making plans to go back (hint hint to the hubby). It was so great to just wander around with no agenda in mind, admiring the gorgeous architecture and neighborhoods.

The Flatiron Building

We decided to skip the restaurants and just browse the different shops in Chinatown, sampling a little bit of this and that. We had banh mi sandwiches from here, then mango rice balls and sesame balls from here, then washed it all down with Vietnamese iced coffee. Sorry for the lack of food pictures, but we were ravenous after all that walking! The only things that we didn't manage to eat right away were the mangoes that seemed to be everywhere. If I hadn't forgotten to pack my utility knife, I am sure that those would have been quickly devoured, too!

As for the shopping, the variety of stores was amazing, although I mainly stuck to window shopping since most of my month's pin money was set aside for Maryland Sheep and Wool (more on that later). However, a few crafty finds still managed to jump into my shopping bag.

These embroidered silk shoe bags were a steal at $4.50 each. They are just too pretty for shoes but will make great project bags.

 I couldn't resist this silk scarf in my favorite color.

I used to have a pin cushion just like this when I was little and was sad when it was lost. The pretty flowered pouch will make a nice home for my current favorite on-the-go project. I managed to knit a few during the train ride to and from NYC.



  1. Glad to hear you loved the city! :) Your hexipuffs look lovely!

  2. I probably wouldn't have food pictures, either -- the dishes sound delicious! Love those little silk bags, and yeah, they're too pretty for shoes.

  3. What a wonderful trip!! I grew up in Chinatown so it's nice to hear how much you enjoyed it. Love your new projects bags!

  4. Love the hexipuffs---bet they fit perfectly in those bags!!! Big city sightseeing....sigh.

  5. Sounds like a fun trip! I had that pin cushion, too :).

  6. Wow, looks like a fantastic trip! Gorgeous finds, I especially love those shoe/project bags and those hexis!


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