Looking Ahead

Another year, another new set of wishes:

*2012 will be the year that I will conquer The Stash. Just as soon as I remember where I hid all of it.
*I started a crochet project in 2011. Hopefully it will be finished in 2012. Without me having to relearn how to crochet (again).
*Learn something new.
*Knitted FO's in 2011 = 32. Books read in 2011 = 6. Read more books.
*Continue decluttering and organizing the house.

Wishes or wishful thinking? Don't you love having a blank canvas just waiting to be filled up?

My favorite Christmas present: A picture for the craft room created by my niece.


  1. I read a ton of books last year but didn't craft as much, so our outputs were the opposite. I'd love to craft more but I love reading, too! So hard to do both.

  2. I love the picture your niece made! I'm trying to read more, too, and am hopeful that the Kindle Fire I received as a gift will help me to achieve the goal.

  3. Not wishful thinking AT ALL! Your goals are both attainable and joyful. All the best for this bright new year.

  4. "Read more books" is definitely high on my "to do in 2012" list, too. The handcrafting can really get in the way of reading, but it's a good trade off. ;)

    Also, yay for crochet! I hope you get back into it easily. The world always needs more awesome crocheters.

    And wow, what an amazing Christmas gift to receive, your niece is really talented and that is one gorgeous piece of craft room decor.

  5. Since learning to crochet I read about a quarter the amount I read before, but I write more because now I blog. I actually think the blog cuts more into my reading time than the crochet does!

    I agree with Oprah, but I'd like to use up some stash so I can buy some nicer yarn.

    Beautiful picture, absolutely stunning.


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