Lights, Camera, Action!

Because my blog is sadly lacking in action according to the two guys in the house, I proudly present:

The Getaway, featuring the little guy and costarring the Windschief neck warmer.

I admit, the plot needs a lot of work, but it IS an action movie after all. Anyways, for those of us who prefer our knits not in motion, here are some still shots.

Windschief by Stephen West knitted in Dream in Color Classy

He has been wearing the neck warmer everyday on his commute to work and is very happy with it. Job accomplished!

(Can't get enough of knitted thrills? Go check out FO Friday with TAMI'S AMIS)


  1. Great action movie, but I think I prefer being able to see the detail from the still shot ;) The yarn looks gorgeous and I'm glad it's being worn as planned

  2. Hmm, knits in action, huh? Way to raise the bar! Looks like the perfect neckwarmer for a biker of whatever size!

  3. Great neck warmer and the color is gorgeous!

  4. Your little guy is sooo cute! I bet he enjoyed starring in an action flick. : ) Great job on the video and the neck warmer!

  5. I love the soundtrack to your "movie." Your little guy is gorgeous and the neckwarmer looks like the perfect man's accessory .

  6. Anonymous11/13/2011

    Delightful, mine is all grown up. I wish I had an action video of him. The neck warmer is nice and I like the colour :0)

  7. I love the action movie and the still photo of the cowl as well! ;)


  8. A very manly cowl! Definitely appropriate. I love the motorcycle pics!


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