Today is a holiday that, in my opinion, rivals Christmas for its festivities, Thanksgiving for its expressions of gratefulness and New Years for its merrymaking. It even has costumes! Yup, I am talking about Back to School Day or BTSD for those in the know. After corralling the little guy onto the bus today, I danced a little jig then hurried back into my costume (pajamas). I whipped up a celebratory libation (coffee) and then took my place of honor on the couch and just reveled in the peace and quiet. The thought of long uninterrupted blocks of time to read and knit made me giddy. I even took frivolous pictures of wet leaves and shoes just because I could. And knowing that the little guy was safely tucked away in school being well cared for by wonderful teachers brought a warm, thankful feeling to my heart. Bless those teachers!

In crafty news, here are some packages to occupy my spare time. The first is from a contest that I had won hosted by Sillylittlelady. Her blog is chock full of beautiful projects and pictures. Also check out her cool designs on ravelry. I was so excited to receive these gorgeous skeins of handspun yarn. The little owl purse and buttons were totally unexpected treats.

The second package is the Daisychain ABC's kit from Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy. I can't wait to get started on this crewelwork alphabet sampler now that I have plenty of crafting time.  Hooray for BTSD!


  1. Gorgeous yarny bits. I won an online contest yesterday and it totally made my day. Yay for BTSD! Yay that this year I will have a child free day once a week to join you in some crafty fun!

  2. lucky you!!! Enjoy your time.

  3. Anonymous9/07/2011

    even though i'm not a student anymore, i still love back to school season. freshly sharpened pencils and getting ready for cooler weather always gets me in a good mood. :) the crewelwork sampler you're starting is gorgeous, and love the yarn you won.


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