Preparing for Summer

The weather here has been in the 90's, hot and muggy. Summertime has arrived! We are making preparations for when school lets out in a few weeks.

Sand toys at the ready
Some beach reading material (my current obsession)
A new clubhouse in need of "paint"
Plymouth Covington in silver

Taking a short break from my current WIP's by swatching for a new summer sweater. Since this cardigan involves an allover lace pattern, I am going to play it safe by washing and blocking out the swatch. It's always so exciting to start on a new project but nothing is more boring than knitting gauge swatches. In the past, I have sometimes gotten away with knitting a few rudimentary inches, measuring for gauge while the stitches were still on the needles and going up or down in needle sizes based on a hunch. It was nothing but pure luck that the finished garments actually fit. Now that I've been burned a few times, especially when it came to row gauge which I never used to bother with, taking proper gauge measurements is a necessary step. And who knows, these dull swatches may even end up as useful objects themselves, as shown here.

Now for something more exciting: new buttons from one of my favorite etsy shops.

Fiona Macneil buttons

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  1. Your summer readiness items look A+ to me! I want to help you paint that clubhouse! Your gauge swatch, while boring, looks lovely and promises an awesome sweater to come. I love the pattern.

    And oh my gosh, those buttons. I can't go look at her Etsy shop fast enough. So lovely!

  2. Once again, awesome button choices! Enjoy :)

  3. So you like Elizabeth Peters then :D

  4. Looks your are ready! My family just gathered up some summer reading book and supplies too. I will have to check out Elizabeth Peters : ) Those buttons are adorable, and good for you for taking the time to swatch!

  5. Awesome buttons! Looks like you are all set for the beach :o)

  6. I hate gauging! But such a necessary evil unless you just love ripping out Ill-fitting garments.

  7. I love Elizabeth Peters' books especially the early Peabody ones. My kids are already on vacation and we are still at the early stage of planning, so kudos to you for being so prepared!

  8. I love those buttons! I recently started making swatches, mainly to work out how to block some lace in an acrylic blend. I do get impatient and only do half as much as I should though!

  9. YAY for summer reading and fun! I haven't read any of Elizabeth Peters' books. I'll have to give them a try! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those buttons!


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