Ring in the New

You didn't think I would go a whole week without showing off another Botanic Hat, now did you? This is the fourth and probably the last one for a while. It will be donated to the local shelter. I took the pictures of the hat at night using my Ott-lite (without flash) just to see how they would turn out. I think that it's a good option for when natural sunlight is not possible. Also shown are the Give a Hoot mittens that I made for my two nieces, which went over really well. And that's the last of this year's FO's. Here's to a New Year of bright possibilities and more crafty adventures! Help us to ring it in properly by visiting Tami's blog for FO Friday.


  1. Those owl mittens are really cute!

  2. The owl mittens are adorable and I love the colors in the hat.

  3. Yay for donated-knitting! I'm hoping to do some crochet projects to donate, now that all the Christmas-making is done.

    And thank you for pointing out those Give a Hoot mittens (which came out wonderfully), I linked my mom to the pattern and she's all excited to do some owl cables.

  4. The sweater that uses the owls is the one project that made me want to learn how to knit. I can't wait to be good enough to make it. What a great idea to make the owls into mittens! I love them!


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