punk rudolph

I hope that everyone who celebrated had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was lovely even though I had to work a half day. Being in the healthcare profession, it is a given that weekends & holidays are not necessarily days/nights off. But I do think that it's sad to see Thanksgiving Day, the one major holiday that has traditionally not been overly commercialized, is now not the case. The shopping malls and big box stores around us were all opened yesterday. And the ones who were closed had early openings on Black Friday. It has been a number of years since I have ventured out of the house on Black Friday. Can't imagine waking up that early to shop! Or standing in those kinds of lines for anything other than a concert ticket to a favorite band or let's be honest....yarn! I would much rather stay home and knit gifts for my loved ones. "What kinds of gifts" you might be asking? Oh, how 'bout a Punk Rudolph Hat?!? 

Is it my imagination or does my beginner's attempt at bobbles make these guys look like reinducks?

It's the perfect holiday headgear for a little guy who loves to follow the beat of his own drums and adores singing along to loud boisterous music. This free pattern is by the fabulous chrisknits. I love how she incorporated the adorable reindeer chart originally used for a sweater into a hat in three sizes. Yes, even adults are not left out of all this reindeer cuteness! In fact, Punk Rudolph was knit in the adult size since the little guy has a huge noggin for his age. All the yarns used were from the stash. Sometimes shopping from the stash can lead to some unexpected color choices. This one even surprised me! Now off to do more stash diving for the hubby's hat. And then mine. Knitting a couple of reindeer hats on Black Friday....now that's punk!


spirograph headband

I love small & practical knits like this spirograph headband. Especially since I usually wear my hair up in a ponytail or bun. This quick to knit accessory keeps my head and ears nice and toasty while corralling my unmanageable hair. A definite winner!

It seems that winter is arriving a little early this year...cold & windy here in Maryland, but at least we were lucky to miss out on all that snow. My MIL lives near Buffalo, NY where they are getting pounded by massive lake effect snow storms. My heart goes out to everyone there and pray for their safety. I went to college in Buffalo but was lucky to have never experienced such a storm.

(check out all the Friday Finishes over at chrisknits)


quiet november

Savoring these beautiful quiet days of autumn before they come to an end all too quickly:

Putting the garden to sleep & enjoying one last harvest

Making some holiday knitting plans: a trio of Reindeer Hats

Preparing for winter: Spirograph Headband

Living in the moment


favorite fall sweater in my #projectsweaterchest

I think that the weather is finally cooperating with my fall sweater knitting plans because there was a decided nip in the air this morning. Finally an opportunity to throw on some of my wool sweaters! Here are a couple in the #projectsweaterchest that bring to mind spiced pumpkin lattes, apple pies and trick-or-treating.

The outrageous autumn leaf-like colors of Noro Kureyon...the slightly scratchy reassuring feeling of rustic wool against my skin...some of my very favorite wooden buttons...is it any wonder that I dream about my Spoked Cardigan in the dark cold days of winter? In fact, as soon as the fall weather arrives, this is the first sweater that I reach for.

This next sweater will always remind me of Halloween because the little guy used to call it my bat sweater everytime I wore it. I guess the gull-lace looks like little bats, especially in this darkish black/brown/blue colorway.

It's one of those annoying sweaters that is kind of hard to wear since one can easily be mistaken for wearing a baby garment. But I do enjoy looking at the many many FLS projects on Ravelry in order to get styling ideas. So far, I love seeing it worn over a pretty dress...definitely need more dresses in the wardrobe!

Do you have a favorite fall handknit? Or one that is difficult to style?


the battle of the brights in my #projectsweaterchest

It's all about color today on this second installment of #projectsweaterchest. The brighter the better...or is it? Usually when I think of sweaters that get worn a lot, I think of ones knitted in more neutral colors like grey or tan or grey or black or grey.

But surprisingly, this loud green cardigan is in heavy rotation year round. My favorite way to wear it is with one of the many grey or navy tops in my closet. It adds a much needed pop of color during the winter months, yet also feels just right during those early chilly days of Spring. The vibrant green also pairs well with purple or royal blue for an added burst of color and fun. I have always been tempted to knit another version in...you guessed it...grey. The pattern is Nanook by Heidi Kirrmaier, knitted in Quince & Co. Lark in the snap pea colorway. It's a good one.

Sadly, not all brightly colored sweaters get as much attention or admiration. I can count on 2 fingers the number of yellow items in my closet. The above sweater was a classic case of not thinking before casting on. Granted the yellow looked more like a vivid gold in the skein, but still, what on earth was I thinking to knit a retro looking sweater which would have been adorable in black or grey (like this example) but instead I chose to go with yellow resulting in a giant lemon of a sweater? The only thing preventing me from frogging this one is the fantasy that one day many many years from now, a little girl, possibly one of my great great granddaughters or grand nieces, will discover this sweater buried deep in the chest, exclaim with delight and use it for playing dress-up. So back in the sweater chest it will go.