It's been a wonderful week of celebrations around here :) My niece graduated from high school. Hard to believe that the tiny screaming baby that I saw come into the world is now the confident and caring young woman smiling before me. I am so proud of her, but a part of me wishes that time wouldn't fly by so fast.

This past Sunday was National Cancer Survivors Day. One of my closest friends and I marked the occasion by taking a river cruise down the Choptank River. We ate a delicious lunch, watched the gorgeous scenery pass by and laughed a lot. It was a beautiful way to celebrate life and friendship.

This Friday is the last day of school for the little guy. It's been a successful school year and I couldn't help but cast on a celebratory sock.

pattern: froot loop

These are going to be my Summer festival socks to usher in the season. With all of the sad events happening right now, it seems even more important to celebrate and be grateful for the joyful moments that life has to offer, both big and small.


  1. Your sock is SO fun! I like how you used crazy, variegated sock yarn for the cuff. Your niece is beautiful. Ho'omaka'i to her and her parents who raised her right. My nephew graduated from high school the last full week of May. I'm so proud of him; I've known him since he was in first grade, passing through my classroom to pick up candy on his way down to the YMCA. He's been through a lot and outgrew whatever challenges he was going through by high school. He'll be in the EMT program at CCSF. And thank you, Tien, for your lovely visits. You are always a ray of sunshine when you drop by.

  2. Good times! It's wonderful to celebrate these times! I thought I would be all about socks this summer, but I'm enjoying my knits and making knitting plans that includes ... well, everything!

  3. Big congratulations to your niece! And you are so right, we should celebrate all the beautiful moments that life has to offer.

  4. So true, celebrating the good moments is more important than ever! Your niece looks like such an amazing young woman, congrats to her on the big occasion. And your sock looks beautiful!


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