maryland sheep & wool plus knit.where outfit #4

Maryland Sheep & Wool was fabulous, as usual! This year, I went with my eleven year old niece who took to fiber shopping with a vengeance. Boy, this girl's shopping stamina was amazing to behold! She insisted that we visit every.single.booth...some even twice...because, y'know, a smart shopper has to scope out the quality and price of the goods before committing. After a couple of hours, I was begging for a break. Luckily, there were some cute sheep to distract her for a few minutes.

Then I managed to catch my breath for five more minutes while the Shopping Demon watched an adorable dancing puppet show set to Celtic music.

Then it was back to work, with only an occasional break for ice cream or cotton candy. So please don't blame me for not sticking to the wish list. It was beyond my control ;)

Color was definitely the theme for this year's yarn haul. Although my original intent was to stick with neutrals, this idea was quickly shot down by my Personal Shopper as being too bor-ing!

dragonfly fibers traveller yarn, the bee folks handcream & lipbalm, lantern moon measuring tape

neighborhood fiber co. studio worsted & capital luxury lace yarns

I snuck in some basic wool roving when she wasn't looking. These will be for practicing on the spindle.

aker farms corriedale roving, peace fleece handpainted needles

Lastly, here is my knit.where outfit for today.

vodka gimlet cardigan, pajamas from Vietnam

My feet are in need of some rest, so I am just planning on sitting on the couch with some knitting & watching cooking shows all afternoon. Then getting take-out for dinner :)


  1. LOL the joys of a pre-teen shopaholic. Heaven help you in a couple years. Will you have the stamina?

    1. I know, right? When I asked her if we might be able to sit down on the grass and knit for a while, she responded, "Aunt, all those other knitters are going to buy up YOUR yarn and plus, you could use the exercise." Little minx.

  2. I love how you described your niece's shopping stamina!! I need someone to make sure I cover every booth, too. Love your stash enhancement and your new cardi ~ sweet!

  3. Anonymous5/06/2013

    Sounds like you both had a wonderful day! She sounds like my kinda shopper!!!

  4. So jealous! One day I will get there! Or Rheinbeck, either one will do.

  5. Great haul! Sounds like a wonderful time.

  6. Sounds like you had a fun day. Does your niece knit too? OR was she picking out stuff for you?


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