sunshine and birdsong

I woke up today to a gorgeous early spring day. Sunshine and birdsong....makes me wish that most of the day wasn't devoted to doing errands that were put off because of all the rain earlier in the week. Might try to squeeze in a short bike ride to the walking bridges later. But for now, here are some random knitting ♥'s.

♥ Have you checked out the patterns for knit.wear spring 2013? There are some really cute tank tops and even a beautiful knitted dress.

♥ Really really would love to knit something like this circular raglan wrap from Toast as seen on the ever so stylish Kate Davies. And in that exact same shade of red. Just wish that I can see the front of it.

♥ An impulsive purchase at the craft store. The yarn is Lion Brand Amazing. I fell in love with the colors (reminds me of Noro) but the fiber is ultra-fuzzy and has a mohair-like halo to it. Wasn't sure what it wanted to be until....

♥ I decided to revisit my Candy Ribbon Cowl pattern and pair the Amazing yarn with a neutral shade of Berroco Vintage.

Really liking all those shades of green with that unexpected pop of orange. This time around, I am taking better notes so that I can finally write up the pattern.

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  1. That cowl looks stunning!!

  2. Ditto, it's gorgeous. The. Perfect. Combo.

    Looking forward to seeing the pattern when you release it.

  3. Your cowl is gorgeous! The yarns are a perfect pairing:)

  4. Very pretty! Love the colors!

  5. The yarn combination looks like a win - I love neutrals with bright colours.

  6. really really loving the cowl!!!!!!!

  7. You are killing me with this post! All those beautiful patterns and your incredible cowl has sent me into "knitting want" overload. Please write up the pattern for the cowl. I would love to make it.

  8. Gorgeous cowl! It's the perfect color/yarn combo!


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