a letter to february

Dear February,

You and I have just not gotten along. You started with a round of colds and ended with a week of flu. But despite the ill will, I am ready to set aside our differences because there were still little glimmers of comfort to be found. Having a constant supply of warming soups, stews, tea and hot chocolate wasn't so bad. And cuddling in bed underneath a mountain of blankets at night while watching episode after episode of Friday Night Lights was pretty fun. I even managed to find the energy to start a new comfy sweater. So even though you will never be a month that I look forward to, I bid you a fond adieu until next year. Spring is coming!

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  1. I thought maybe February killed your knitting mojo and you were left with half a sweater! Hope all will be well in March. Ours might come in like a lion! brrrr.

  2. Snuggling under blankets watching TV does sound pretty nice :) Lovely sweater, too!

  3. thankfully February was short (er).....and March will march in with good vibes and healthy times I hope. And....you will most likely have a new sweater in March! Wooohooo! I'm really liking that one, too!

  4. Ahh, February can be a very naughty month! Love your WIP so far. I'm thinking of casting on something very similar to enjoy in the spring months when the weather is unpredictable.

  5. February and I didn't get along wither (despite the month including my brithday and my boyfriend's birthday - I think I'm moving mine to June next year!)

    Spring is coming though, and will probably still provide plenty of blanket snuggling weather!


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