Summer Baby

We had a relaxing and fun time at the ocean, as always. Saturday was my little guy's birthday. Can't quite believe that my summer baby is now seven! We celebrated with a family trip to a waterpark and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves despite the occasional periods of stormy weather. The little guy was beside himself with excitement because he had the run of the place since most sane people stayed home that day. It was a treat to see Grandma L. (my MIL) slide down the giant slide in the pouring rain. I want to be just like her when I grow up :)


  1. Awesome!!! Happy Belated Birthday "Summer Baby"!!!

  2. Ah, Happy Birthday little man. It's my summer baby's 7th birthday tomorrow. How the time has flown since she arrived.

  3. happy birthday big-guy!!! (7 around our house is considered mighty big!!!--one of the middle grands just turned 7---and mighty proud of it!) Having the beach to yourselves is a definite plus! :)


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