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It goes without saying that an essential part of a toolbox is the toolbox itself. Having a variety of bags to meet different purposes is important and makes me feel more organized. I am always on the lookout for new containers to hold WIP's and the stash. On a recent trip to Target, I hit the jackpot with these sale items.

A striped picnic basket that does double duty as my new WIP basket. It is able to hold all seven (yikes!) projects with room to spare.

I love that these cross body bags are back in fashion because they allow the hands to be free for knitting on the go. 

And lastly, my personal favorite. It's The Chicken Bag! The same one that I have been longing for ever since I spotted it on one of my favorite fashion blogs. It is my new official bag for yarn shopping. Talk about roomy!


  1. Yay for awesome sale finds!! I also love crossbody bags---so much easier to not uh, put them down and leave the in a store by accident, say.

    And that chicken tote is a marvel, it's so colorful!

  2. What amazing finds! Well done you for getting your hands on these perfect toolboxes :)

    I also love to keep my WIP's in a basket and your striped one is divine. And the other two bags? I LOVE them, especially the crossbody one

  3. Project bags are so fun to collect and I would have loved to find the chicken bag, too!

  4. I love baskets, and I love bags, so I love love love this post.

  5. I'm a baglady, too!! Great score!!!


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