The Poison and the Puff

Another summer, another case of poison ivy for the hubby and the little guy. So instead of going to the shore, we are spending a quiet Fourth of July at home. Which means that I can hopefully sneak in a bit of crafting time in between repeat applications of calamine lotion. My knitting has been sporadic at best since finishing the Color Affection shawl. Summertime laziness is mostly to blame. It has been so hot here that all I want to do is eat away at my stock supply of Strawberry Shortcake Icecream Bars and read. And dream about my current obsession, beach huts. I am on a campaign to convince the hubby to paint his tool shed a bright robin's egg blue and convert it into a beach hut. Never mind that the beach is a few miles away. So far, no luck. But I did end up with a beach hut inspired hexipuff.

beach huts

Thank goodness for an easy ongoing project that is well suited to summertime knitting. Here are a few more to add to the basket.

ombre stripes

heat wave

Happy Fourth of July to those who are celebrating. As always, check out the weekly WIP party going on at Tami's blog.


  1. Love your puffs! I think the Beach Huts is my new favourite. You should build your beach hut next to my imaginary beach house (where my color affection shawl fits in perfectly!)
    I hope your guys feel better soon. Happy July 4th!

  2. Those are so cute! I can't seem to do more than just a basic puff.

  3. Super cute puffs! I haven't made any in ages, but you're inspiring me. Have a happy, quiet 4th of July :)

  4. I love the heat wave! These are definitely hot weather projects.

  5. You are the reason I started some hexipuffs--- yours are SOOOOOOO cute. Unfortunately, you don't live next door and I've sort of let them lapse a bit!!! Heat wave---yes!!!! Beach hut!!! adorable!!

  6. You know, I never really "got" the hexipuffs but yours are so amazing that I am sure the more I see the more likely I will be do to them as well. The beach hut one is so fun and the stripey ones are gorgeous

  7. Those are so lovely and your photographs are great. I'm sorry that your family are poorly.

  8. Awww ... so sorry to hear that the guys are not feeling well. Hope they're back to normal soon.

    Lovely hexipuffs! I love the beach-hut one but I think heatwave is my new fave.

  9. You make me laugh!! I adore your puffs! The final project is going to look amazing!!


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