Here is what the sky looks like on this February morning:

A perfect day for a picnic! So we are packing up the hamper with some of these delicious wraps. For dessert, we have a big bowl of this fruit salad chilling away. The picnic blanket is already spread out.

There are even flowers in bloom.

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  1. What a fun spot for a picnic. And what amazing flowers!!

  2. Love the flower and your picnic blanket is just beautiful!

  3. With blooms such as your, I would settle down to a picnic, too!

  4. I love your story. And the flowers in bloom ... really awesome!!!!!

  5. Nice post! :) It is very cold here in Holland and I long for spring weather to be able to picnic:) Love your flowers in bloom!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. A picnic in February sounds so fun, inside or out :-) We could actually have one outside, it's been so nice and warm.

    Lovely flowers!

  7. Aww, were the flowers your cushions? I wish I crocheted...


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