We Go Together

The last days of school has past and summer vacation is finally here. This time of year always makes me think of the carnival scene in Grease (the movie) where the whole cast is singing We Go Together. We have been spending most of our time enjoying the beautiful weather outside with trips to the beach, pool and park.

Top Chef at work: on the menu: fish pie with a side of escargots

So there has not been a lot of opportunities for knitting except late at night. I decided a few weeks ago to kick off the summer by knitting a new sweater. Since I just finished the Grapevine pullover (FO pictures coming soon) by Heidi Kirrmaier and am very happy with the results, I decided to cast on for her Vitamin D cardigan. It has been a fun knit so far.

a refreshing drink or two or three helped immensely with the swatching

Hope everyone is having a great week! Check out WIP Wednesday with TAMI'S AMIS for inspiring summertime projects.


  1. That cardigan looks like it'll be really pretty - I love the colour you're using :)

  2. That is going to be gorgeous!

  3. Aaaand now I have that song stuck in my head. Hehe. Have fun with the cardigan!

  4. The Vitamin D cardi looks great so far, and I love those Russian nesting doll glasses.

  5. I feel completely unoriginal... I looked up from my comment writing to see that bmore-crafty had said the same thing almost word for word. Oh well, let me reinforce the message -- the cardi is great, and I wish I had those glasses :-)

  6. Beautiful sweater, that color is so nice!

  7. Glad you're enjoying the summer, we've not yet had very good summer time weather. I keep waiting and hoping.
    The sweater is awesome, love the color and am anxious to see it progress.

  8. Your sweater is looking lovely, of course, but I have to say those glasses are ADORABLE. OMG love!



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