The Soundtrack of My Life

For me, knitting is as much about listening as it is about seeing and touching. The rhythmic clicking of the needles is the perfect accompaniment.......to my little boy's chatter as he plays with his toys, to my hubby's noises as he putters around the house, to the quiet sound of rain on a cold winter's night, to a really great song that perfectly captures my mood in that moment. What do you have playing in the background to your knitting?


  1. My kids playing in their playroom or bedroom. I love hearing their conversations when they don't think I can. And of late, if there is actual music playing, it's Avett brothers, Keller Williams, or Jack Johnson.

    I Love your knitting!

  2. I usually have the sound of whatever is on the tv. But, if I'm really lucky, I have control of the tv and have it on a light classical music station.

  3. Audio books and podcasts! My brain needs lots of stimulation when I knit. The mind has to match the hands, I guess. I listen to Radiolab (a fun and excellent science podcast) and most recently, Jane Eyre on audio,

  4. PS: Your blog is so pretty!


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