Surf's Up!

My little boy must have been programmed at birth to be a surfer dude. He would wear flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts in the middle of winter if he could get away with it. So showering him with hand knitted sweaters has never been an option. The only way he indulges his knitting mama with her yarn thing is by letting me knit him hats. This holiday I have chosen the BOTANIC HAT pattern by STEPHEN WEST, which is super exciting for several reasons. I have had a knitting crush on Monsieur West for the longest time. I think that he has such a unique and modern point of view. This pattern also uses slipped stitches which is one of my favorite ways of working with colors and textures. Slipped stitches always make me feel clever and I am never one to pass up the opportunity to feel smart. Plus, the hat is reversible, which is always a fun feature. And in addition to all that, I can "borrow" it because my little boy has an adult sized noggin. Here he is showing off the EAR COZIES that I knitted him last year.

Head on over to TAMI'S blog for WIP Wednesdays, flip-flops are optional.


  1. I love that hat, the way the stripes are worked is so intriguing. I may have to commission my own knitting mama (I'm a crocheter, myself) to make me one.

    (Also, I think you've just made a Stephen West convert, because I'm browing his ravelry page and am goggle-eyed. What gorgeous designs!)

  2. I feel your pain. Hats are the only things my boys will wear that I knit. They are 19, 16, & 16

  3. That is a CUTE hat! Maybe next year I'll make hats for the nephews (who are 8-18). That would involve thinking about Christmas knitting before mid-November.....

  4. Knit him all the hats you can, your little guy's adorable!

    Like you, I'm a fan of knitting techniques that make me feel like a genius, especially the simple ones that look more complicated than they are. I'm such a geek I still love mattress stitch -- look, my seams are invisible!

  5. That reversible hat is amazing! I love the color change. And your son is adorable!

  6. Oh yes, very clever and SMART! What a neat pattern!


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