Peaceful Solitude

Went for an early morning walk,

then made a pot of tea for one,

spent some time with these,

and then knitted some more of this. A morning well spent!

Grab yourself a cuppa and head on over to TAMI'S blog for some crafty goodness.


  1. Sounds like a lovely morning. Love the color of that scarf.

  2. What a nice morning . . .
    I admired that scarf the first time you posted a pic, and now I like it even more. I'm going to have to dig into the stash to find the right combination to make one myself.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful picture with the trees changing! What a great morning!

    The scarf is beautiful! I must say, when I was at the book store the other day, I was giggling about the Vampire Knits book until I opened it up. There are some AMAZING patterns in there! Now I want it! LOL

  4. Your photos are so beautiful and your scarf is too.

  5. Oh, I love the scarf! It's really pretty!

  6. Thanks for your comment at my blog yesterday! I took a lesson before I bought my wheel just to test out whether I would like spinning. Now that I have one to practice on, I'll probably go back to the same teacher as I progress to new techniques. She also told me about a local spinning guild that meets once a month. I'm going to that this weekend -- I think it'll help to see what everyone is doing. It's still amazing to me that there are so many people spinning these days!

  7. ahhhhhhhhh! I LOVE that scarf!! Is the pattern on line or in a book? I must make one....i must!

    Thank you for sharing this on Fibers on Friday....it really made my day and added to my list of things to knit!

  8. Beth, it was actually a free pattern with yarn purchase at my LYS. I added the beads to jazz it up a bit. There is a link on ravelry to the free pattern PDF.



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