History Repeating Itself

 knitting ninjas!

While hanging out with my two nieces and their friend, we became involved in a heated discussion about music. They are currently into a band called the Black Veil Brides. I told them that speed guitars and shrieking was not my cup of tea. To which they responded that I was a nerdy knitter with uncool taste in music. Being a nerdy knitter is a badge of honor in my book, but having uncool taste in music?!! That went straight through the heart! Just as I was getting ready to respond to their insult, the constant stream of corny Vietnamese love ballads that my parents used to play during every childhood road trip popped into my mind. I kept my mouth shut.

(artwork by my niece Bleach)


  1. Bleach, Sorry for losing the first knitting ninjas picture that you drew. Thank you for making me another!

  2. Oh, and the Black Veil Brides still give me a headache. They might sound a little better if they used acoustic guitars and a muzzle.


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