Reasons Why the World Needs Another Knitting Blog

....er, it doesn't....but I'm going to start one anyways! After years of enjoyably drooling over the talents of many wonderful bloggers I have finally decided to start journaling my own crafty adventures. I learned how to knit when I was around eight by watching my mother knit a sweater for my sister. It was made out of pink acrylic with long sharp metal double-pointed needles. The sweater was never finished but I inherited the needles. I lost interest in knitting after a failed attempt at learning how to purl. My next encounter with knitting was in senior year of high school. I sat in front of a girl in English class who worked on her sweater while we waited for class to begin. She had just came back from a year abroad in Sweden where her host mother taught her how to knit. I loved watching her needles clicking away as the fabric grew. The yarn was a lovely gray tweed with flecks of red and orange. Fast forward through college and graduation and the first years of career and marriage. After years of cramming for tests and writing papers, I finally had some spare time to devote to myself. I remembered that girl in English class, how content she looked as she created something before my eyes. I wanted that feeling for myself. It's been ten plus years now and knitting still makes me happy!

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