The Hat

My hubby wears a size 13 shoe and he wants me to knit him a pair of wool socks. This is only the second request that he has ever made for a hand knitted item from me. Here's the problem: I have only ever finished two pairs of socks in my life and they were for my size 7 feet. I thought about reminding him of The Hat Incident in order to get out of knitting these socks. A few years ago, he asked me to knit him a winter hat. No problem! I made a nice simple rib hat out of Brown Sheep bulky yarn in sable. Quick and easy. He wore it quietly for a month or so. One day as I was taking the laundry out of the dryer, I reached in and pulled out what looked like roadkill. It was The Hat. He had put it in the wash to "shrink" it a bit. From that day on he wore that crazy looking hat on his head, proudly telling anyone who would listen that his wife had knitted it for him. Let's just say that The Hat has been buried. Hopefully, The Socks will have a happier ending. Any suggestions for a quick and easy men's sock pattern?


  1. Are you comfortable knitting short-rows for shaping? If so, you can't beat Priscilla's Dream Socks for making socks that fit the recipient: Find the pattern free here:

    If you want to try more of a beginner's sock, Knitting Pure and Simple Patterns are easy to follow and learn from:

    Hope this helps, Happy sock knitting!

  2. LOL about the hat! My husband also has size 13 EEEE feet (the E's are for how wide they are apparently... I only learned this because of how wide his feet are) and I dread making him socks, even though I churn out socks pretty fast. But that's my new goal for Christmas is to make him a surprise pair of socks as he's always been begging me for them. ;)

    I'm not sure about easy patterns, but these are some of the patterns I like for men's socks:

    Dangerous Socks for Boys

    Team Spirit

    Gentleman Socks (these are free)

    Sam (I made these for my stepdad last Christmas):

    And the ones I'm making for my husband for Christmas (he asked for them specifically):

    Hope that helps! :)

  3. Thanks for the great suggestions! I will investigate these patterns further and hopefully get started on The Socks soon. Since I am a very slow sock knitter, my hubby knows not to expect these under the tree for Christmas this year. But hopefully they will make an appearance for his birthday in May!


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