shawls and 80's hair bands

find your fade

I finally finished my Find Your Fade shawl! The journey from 6 skeins of yarn to what you see above was very similar to the plot lines of the hair metal power ballads that were the soundtrack of my youth. In the beginning, it was total infatuation fed by all the gorgeous fades that took over instagram and the blogosphere. The riot of colors were too hard to resist and I quickly jumped needles first into the color party, totally seduced by the fun to be had when each color melted into the next. But as with most large sized shawl projects, the first flush of excitement soon faded into a monotonous poisonous rhythm of garter stitches and yarn overs. But onwards I knitted, until the eventuality of a 7 skein project being knitted with only 6 skeins came to a head: I ran out of yarn with just 10 rows to go. Don't Cry indeed.

There followed a brief moment of intense cursing introspection. The asymmetric shape and massive size of the shawl overwhelmed my petite frame. I had a difficult time finding a comfortable way to wear the shawl since it was pretty heavy. I even contemplated using it as a lap blanket but the yarn was too precious. So I finally decided to cut my losses and keep motoring. But don't feel too sad for me....because here I go again:

exploration station


  1. I will not "jump" on the band wagon, but I commend you for "faithfully" knitting on even if it came to nothing. If you have to ask "is it love" and the answer is no, that's when you realize "every rose has it's thorn". But the colors are beautiful!

    1. hehehe you passed the 80's hair bands test with flying colors!

  2. Omgosh this post tickled me. I'm laughing as I type this. Knitting Adventures indeed. It is a lovely piece of work. Great colors too !

  3. Post gave me a laugh. I was thinking a bit of that blue frosty eye shadow and aquanet. LOL. Anyways it's beautiful and I always find your color choices so much fun.

  4. hahaha, this post cracked me up! A+ usage of 80s metal power balads!!

  5. haha, love the song references! Find Your Fade looks beautiful, but I the resulting shawl seems quite large, so it needs to be for someone who loves really oversized shawls for sure. Love your colours!


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