Summer Knitting Inspiration

It has been a crazy busy few weeks here. In between work, winding down the school year and getting ready for summer, I somehow managed to scrounge up a bit of knitting time to finish my Nanook cardigan and make a little more progress on the Color Affection shawl.

2 inches of border to go

 Right now, I am so looking forward to:

* sleeping in
* going to our local beach and falling asleep on the beach blanket
* finding a nice quiet napping spot in our backyard

Noticing a common theme here? I am also daydreaming of some new summer knitting projects, especially after reading the latest issue of Debbie Bliss knitting magazine.

Even though I have never actually made anything from her patterns, I still find them wonderfully inspiring. Her brilliant use of colors can be easily translated to other patterns.

Wouldn't these stripey colors be cool for a short sleeved version of Folded?

This boat neck sweater could be modified into a top down knit.

I need this tank top in my summer wardrobe. Again, loving the stripes!

Although the shape of this top is a bit too trendy for me, I think that the zig-zag stripes would be cute for a scarf, stole or blanket.

Wouldn't this shawl be fabulous knitted up in a bright color scheme? Ahhh, summer time knitting. Bring it on!

(check out WIP Wednesday for lots more summer knitting/crochet inspiration)


  1. very pretty. I really like that tank top. I have a similar pattern I think I need to find. Happy Wednesday!!

  2. GORGEOUS colour affection. And that zig-zag stripe top looks ultra Missoni to me, amazing!

  3. You've totally inspired me!! Love your new header, too. Peonies are my favorite flowers.

  4. The stripes are fun. I love your shawl so far, too - great colors!

    Did you recently update your header or have I not clicked through from the Reader in too long? It looks very pretty :).

  5. Oh your Color Affection shawl is looking fabulous already- LOVE the colours you have chosen. And HOW MUCH do I love the look of that magazine?? I want to knit all the things you showcases - and BTW that Zig Zag top is so not too trendy for you, you would rock it!

  6. Now I really want that magazine! I am really starting to love summer knitting.
    Your shawl is looking fantastic. I love the punch of popsicle pink.

  7. Love the colors of your Color Affection shawl! I'm making one myself right now in dark colors and I'm already thinking of one in light colors like yours! :)


  8. Hurray for summer knitting! I love all the inspiration you have found in the magazine, and then in turn you inspired all of us that have visited your blog! I love stripes too. Your shawl is gorgeous.

  9. Oh my, your Colour Affection shawl looks divine already; can't wait to see it finished!!!!!

    Thanks also for the summer knitting inspiration.

  10. think I may need to pick up a copy...lots of great patterns it seems.

  11. Oh man, I am *such* a sucker for stripes. All of those are fab, and I'm so looking forward to seeing your shawl finished. After a nap or two, of course!

  12. The colors on your color affection are so yummy and summery.....boring me is working on my second one (in brown, tan, and blue----it's what I had in the stash, not what I really wanted to knit, but it's OK)


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